Thursday, June 11, 2015

New Start and a Little Guidance.

Well, I was just feeling unsure about a new undertaking. So I drew this simple layout.
I think it looks good. In the past we have the cloud and the anchor. I am feeling trapped and unsure. Stuck in a rut. But on the other side..the stork and the stars promise something good!

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Sun and Moon Eclipse Special!

Yes I know... more astrology than tarot but there are the Sun, Moon and Star cards to tie it together! 
from Tarot of the Pagan Cats

Astronomically speaking, a solar eclipse is when the Moon appears to travel across and 'hide' the sun from those of us on Earth. It is simply when the rotation of the Moon brings it between the Sun and us. A lunar eclipse is when it appears that the Moon is consumed by darkness. It is simply the Sun behind the Earth. The Earth then casts its shadow upon the Moon.

Astrologically speaking, eclipses have always meant big changes.

Solar Eclipse: A Time to Sow

A solar eclipse joins the life-giving energy of the Sun with the mysterious and spiritual nature of the Moon. As the Moon slides over the Sun, it is sometimes said that the energy of the spirit and rationality combine anew. This is a process that repeats itself many times over our lives. 

First, think of the New Moon. This is the dark moon; when our closest stellar neighbor isn't in her normal darkened sky but instead travels the daytime sky with the Sun. As the moon goes back into the night sky it appears to wax, or grow. The New Moon period is a time to plant, to start, to begin anew.

Solar Eclipses are considered beginnings. A Solar Eclipse takes the growing energy of a New Moon and supercharges it. You may feel the urge to begin a new project, find a new job, seek a new lover. You may find yourself seeking to enter a new stage of life, travel, seek new challenges or completely conquer an existing obstacle. Some people may experience a restlessness that they normally wouldn't feel. Others may simply feel emotionally raw; as if each emotion was new again. Every astrological sign is affected slightly differently.

Eclipse energy can be felt for quite a while. Most people will begin to feel it slightly some three months before the event. Everyone will feel it the two weeks surrounding the event. For many it may feel like slight anxiety. Reverberations can be felt by sensitive types for several years after a full eclipse. 

Lunar Eclipse: A Time to Reap

Just like in Tarot, the Moon is a font of the unconscious self. As the Moon fills up, so does its pull on our collective unconscious. We feel more strongly, react more instinctively. As the Moon wanes so does its ability to tug on our emotions. It becomes time to finalize and let go of things holding us back.

A Lunar Eclipse takes the energies of the Full and Waning Moons a step further. It can be thought of as our 'shadow side' coming out from behind the light. Our emotions will run stronger. We are all about our relationships and how they make us feel - not so much their logistics or structure! We will look for new perspectives and work to shed those things that no longer fit who and what we are.

During a Lunar Eclipse the Sun and the Moon, symbols of our emotional and mental selves, are at opposite points. In a way, it is a visual reminder to not get too hung up on materiel concerns. Actions and decisions made around this time will make a lasting impression and bring awareness. They generally do it in a way that is unexpected; forewarned is forearmed. The energies of a Lunar Eclipse are strongest the two days before and for two days afterwards. Sensitive individuals may notice them for a week afterwards.

In Tarot

The Sun card is noted for being one of the most optimistic cards in a deck. It is expansive spirituality, joy de vive - life itself. The Moon is not known as being so optimistic. It's the card of the shadowed self, our unconscious with all its hidden horrors. The stars (our heavenly backdrop, so to speak!) in the Star speak of a creature with one foot on land (practicality of the Sun) and another in water (intuition of the Moon). Balance, perhaps?

Astrologically the Sun card is paired with the Sun while the Moon card is paired with Pisces. The Star is paired with Aquarius. Some say that a reading that features these cards in a positive aspect to each other could point to something written in the stars. Myself, I like to keep an open mind. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Finally Friday!

I saved this, my favorite deck for last. Tarot of the Pagan Cats. I love this deck, love the art, and love how it reads for me. And no. They are not paying me. At all.
But man, what a sword heavy reading. Again, this is a Simple Cross. I did draw a clarifying card because...swords man. Swords. And it's  Friday the 13th too! EE!

The theme for Friday is the Knave of Swords. My challenge of the day is the 6 of Swords. My influences come from the Ace of Swords. My outcome is the 9 of Pentacles. And my clarifying card is the Ace of Wands.

The Knave is a chatty, happy Sword card. He's full of plans..and come Friday I know I sure am! The 6 card signifies change, travel, and transition. On a short scale, like a single day, this could simply mean an end of the work week and the beginning of the weekend. Whatever my transition, the Ace paired with the 9 of Pentacles implies a successful day. Oh, happy day.

The Ace of Wands... I do believe points to a creative weekend. I was hoping to do a bit more than just play video games this weekend. Perhaps I'll be able to do it.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday's Reading

This deck is a deck that I modded when I was first learning. I gave their eyes pupils..and added elemental infos. I'm blanking on the name of this deck. I just remember it's older.
I've gone back to the Simple Cross.

The theme is the Moon while the challenge is 5 of Pentacles. My influences are in the Hanged Man. My outcome is the King of Swords.

I believe that my natural tendency to obsess and worry about things will be active today. Weee! I'm going to fret about all sorts of things! Luckily, I am aware of my tendencies. I am stronger, I can meditate through this, my own personal cross. And if I can clear my head of these frets and unconscious worries.... I will emerge a clear headed thinker. Success, at least for today.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday, A New Sort of Deck

I thought I'd do something a little different for hump day. This is a Petit Lenormand deck, Under the Roses. I'm still rather new at reading these... but they are interesting!
I did a 5 card line spread.
Basically, this spread is read
1-2 3 4-5
1 2-3 4 5
and finally
1 2 3-4 5
You can also read them together.
Card 3 is considered the Significantor. It's the main theme of the reading. Some will shuffle the deck and flip it then pull the cards from around the Lady or Gentlemen or Child (whichever fits!). I didn't. I let it be random!
I pulled, off the top of the deck, a 6th card. This is sometimes called the 'hidden card'. It pertains to things bubbling just under the surface of a situation.

So, the Fish and the Snake point to a possible money issues. (I will be broke by then! Hehehe.)
The Sickle, the Significator, speaks of a situation that involves change.
The Locket and the Letter are more romantic, these two speak of romantic messages or intents. Or just a heartfelt message.
The Snake to the Sickle is recovery.
The Lilies to the Sickle speak to healing.

I *think* there are two things going on. One involves an older woman recovering from health issues. Or, it is purely a health reading. A fear that I may be let down, that something may end...but a healing may take place instead. I hope so.
As I said. I'm new to this system.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday's Reading

I'm using the Simple Cross again. Deck is the Tarot of the White Cats.

The day's theme is the 4 of Chalices. My challenge is Judgement. (oh dear...) Outside influences are those of the 5 of Chalices. My outcome is the Wheel.

I'm pretty sure that this reading isn't trying to chide me about my work habits. Chalices are the suit of emotions and the inner life. I believe that today is a day of contemplation. The 4 of Chalices speaks of satiety, fullness and a satisfaction overfed. Judgement is telling me to re-evaluate, and renew myself in some way. The 5 of Chalices may speak of becoming too set in my ways, emotionally stuck.
The Wheel is a great card; I'm happy to see it. A successful day sees some rebirth, growth and a good day.